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Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360

a part of Google’s comprehensive marketing and measurement platform, is a powerful analytics solution for innovative and demanding enterprises.

Google Analytics 360

A key tool for measuring the effectiveness of online marketing, websites and mobile applications.
Analytics 360 enables easier dealing with a volume and variety of data due to higher data limits, flexibility in integrating and organizing the data.

Analytics 360


Tag manager 360


Cloud Platform & BigQuery


Data studio

Why do companies choose Google Analytics 360?

  • A specific level of Service Level Agreement, along with a constant scope of support from the Google Marketing Platform partner
  • Integration with BigQuery - for advanced data analysis and integration with BI
  • Increased limits and no data sampling, - for an extensive data architecture
  • Integration with SalesForce - for combining marketing and sales data
  • Data-driven attribution, - for a better understanding of marketing campaigns performance
  • Integration with the marketing platform (Display & Video 360) - for accurate reporting and better campaign targeting

Services supporting Google Analytics 360

As Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, Bluerank is highly qualified to provide your organization with digital analytics audit, tool implementation and development and processes that will support your business goals.
Our analytics delivery and services:

  • Google Analytics 360
    and other Google Marketing Platform licenses
  • Audits of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and comprehensive implementations on websites and in mobile applications
  • Data analysis including data-driven attribution, media optimization, and marketing mix modeling
  • Data integration and reporting (Data Studio, bespoke dashboards, data)
  • Training
  • Ongoing digital analytics support

Google Analytics vs Google Analytics 360


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